Organizing Committee

# Name Position
01 Dr. Ghazi Damanhouri President of the Conference
02 Dr. Salwa Hindawi Chairman
03 Dr. Abdulla Alkhashan Member
04 Dr. Essam Alghamdi Member
05 Dr. Kamel Al-Dosari Member
06 Dr. Nabila Al-baz Member
07 Dr. Salwa Alnajar Member
08 Mr. Mohammed Ba-Balghaith Member
09 Mr. Abdullah Alasri Member
10 Dr. Tarek Metwally Member
11 Dr. Nehal Yakout Member
12 Mr. Abdullah Alharbi Member
13 Dr. Mahasin Al-Musa Member

Scientific Committee

# Name Position
01 Prof. Abdelgalil Abdelgadir Chairman
02 Prof. Layla Bashawri Member
03 Dr. Bassim Al-Beirouti Member
04 Dr. Galila Zaher Member
05 Dr. Ahmed Albahrany Member
06 Dr. Ammar Alsughayir Member
07 Dr. Hind Alhumaidan Member
08 Dr. Mohammad Almohamadi Member
09 Dr. Anwar Farzal Member
10 Dr. Abdullah Meshi Member
11 Dr. Omar Al-Suhaibani Member
12 Prof. Salwa Hindawi Member


# Name Position
01 Mrs. Hayam Mohammed Secretary
02 Ms. Rasha Al-Halafawi Secretary
03 Ms. Randa Ramadan Secretary
04 Mr. Majed Al-Daghnan Secretary

Volunteer Group

# Name Position
01 Registration Member

last date of pre-registration in 5th SSTM International Conference

March 18th, 2020